6 Common Mistakes You Do While Choosing A Web Host


Hey there, Are you going to start a blog? Know, you would probably excited as like other bloggers who are new in this field and going to set up their first blog. Many people think that Internet can provide instant money but it’s also true that this is impossible without paying small amount to other people. Yeah, don’t need to be confused I am talking about creating Website. You don’t need to make hurry in choosing the company to host your first blog or using a paid web hosting service. Nowadays, when you search for Web Host, the web page would be filled with Top 10 Web hosts sites and many of them are fake or can be said basically affiliate sites. These sites lures you and convince you to purchase ‘Cheap and Best’ web hosting plans. Often it happens that people gets attracted toward make deal but afterwards you face lots of problems. In this articles, we’ll discuss about the common mistakes that usually beginners make while choosing a web host.

Here are 6 Common Mistakes While Choosing A Web Host

Mistakes 1:- Search for ‘Top Web Host’

Often it happens that when you go for paid web hosting service we search on Internet for ‘Top web Hosts’ and some like that. It sad to say but on Internet there are good or bad kind of people on it who just want to make money anyhow. Thus when you search ‘Top 10 web Hosts’ or related keywords you get many sites but many of them are affiliate sites. So, you can understand what will be the hosting quality?


Instead of going for those lousy sites, affiliate links and containing fake reviews you are advised to go for top forum or Web hosting reviews. I do personally go with WebHosting Talk to check reviews of very web host before going Signing Up. On this very website you will get definite answer there’s no chance that you go wrong.

Source :- http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1030124

Mistakes 2:- Choosing ‘Cheapest’

After reading reviews and going through Forums you might decided to go with which hosting company. However, before opting for specific plan you must research as going with cheapest plan is not always good decision.

As like there is a x10 named web hosting company which offer both free and paid web hosting services. But people always prefers paid one as it offers good support and assure users about stability and uptime. So before going for specific plan you must check support scopes.

Mistakes 3:- Look for ‘Unlimited’ Web Hosts


Often people gets attracted toward unlimited plan. People who are more excited thinks that companies like BlueHost claims that they provide everything unlimited are best one for their blog. But in reality, it’s impossible for any web hosting company to lets customers hosts unlimited domain on a hosting accounts. In real, you are bound by number of complicated Fair Usage Policy and Terms of Services which not lets you to consume more resources. So, don’t be go for such offers as there may be happens that you face problems after which you just regret and asked to yourself “Why Unlimited is Not Unlimited”.

Mistakes 4:- Price over anything else

Many times it happens especially first time that when we go to choose Web host then we think about prices. No wonder, cheap plans are nice and fits to your pockets but there are slight difference between “cheap” and “affordable”. If any web hosting company offering your web hosts for just $1 to $3 in my view it’s very low. If we go with SiteGround it cost more but the features it offered is really class and outstanding. So, Don’t lets pricing everything and the only factor before choosing perfect and best Web Hosting sites.

Mistakes 5:- Ignoring the ToS


It’s wouldn’t be wrong if I say this the big mistake that usually people especially one who is starter do. Many people don’t care or ToS ie Terms of Services. If before signing up you don’t read Terms Of Services of Fair Usage Policy(FUP) then it might be that you puts yourself in a big trouble. Normally,the ToS includes the host’s refund policy. No wonder, you showed banners like ’30 days hassle-free refund’ or some like 90 days counterpart but in real they are just for attracting users and thus you don’t need to believed on these, instead you must read ToS and FUP for betterment of your sites.

Mistakes 6:- Signing up for a longer period of time

If your not experienced or just starting your blog it’s highly recommended not sign up with any web hosting company for year or pay them full in advance. There are many incident where people do this after which when they wish to refund it’s hard to get back money. In this case, you gets trapped lose your money and all you have is just regret. Thus, you must pay for month to try and if you are satisfied with the services quality then you can switch to longer period of time.

Source:- http://techtage.com/choosing-a-web-host-6-common-mistakes-bloggers-make/

That’s are some common 6 mistakes that Website owners, especially one of those who don’t have prior experience or starter makes. So, after reading this blog hope you gets lots of information and prepares yourself not to do mistakes as like. If you choses a good host it’s better to you and to your blog.


6 Common Mistakes You Do While Choosing A Web Host

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