Advantages and Disadvantages of SSD Hosting

Advantages and Disadvantages of SSD Hosting

Before directly coming to SSD Hosting let’s understand the word SSD. What does it means and how does it different from traditional drive. SSD stands for Solid State Drive. Unlike the HDD, SSDs uses non-volatile memory to store information. This means if somehow power is disconnected you don’t need to worry about the data as it don’t lose. As well as unlike traditional drive that need to spin about their platters to retrieve data SSDs don’t have this issue. Hence seek time( that is the time taken to find data on drive) are faster. SSD has virtually no delays in serving read/write requests. So, you come to know how SSD is much more better than that of traditional drive.

SSD Hosting, which stands for Solid State Drive Hosting, is a web hosting that utilize solid state drives in order to store data. No wonder, this is a new concept and hence many users just confused about the advantages and disadvantages of SSD Hosting, Do I need SSD Hosting and many like queries. But, now you are right where you find best solution for your queries.. You will come to know about the SSD hosting advantages and disadvantages.


Advantages and Disadvantages of SSD Hosting

The Advantages of SSD Hosting

SSD (Solid State Drive) is a very data storage device which utilizes integrated circuit assemblies as memory to store your data. AsAdvantages and Disadvantages of SSD Hosting we already discussed comparing to traditional Hosting service which uses HDD, SSD hosting provide better security and are more resistant to physical shock as well as run quite smoothly. Additionally, they offer fast service as they have lower access time as well as less latency.

Faster Web Hosting Speed

Traditionally, web hosting service utilizes HDD which stands for Hard Disk Drive which has electromechanical moving parts in order to store. Don’t need to be confused. It means that each and every time when a visitors access your website or opens yours the page, the server disk takes some time, it spin about their platters to locate the very information that you are looking for and definitely this result in some delay. But you can say I don’t notice any delay? Ya.. Actually it takes a few milliseconds to access your required data. But you can clearly see it when there’s a heavy load of activities on your required websites or the number of visitor gets increased. SSD hosting, that is equipped with SSDs has great improvement on web hosting speed.

SSD drive is a flash storage device and thus it has no moving mechanical components and no mechanical movement. This result in improving speed as it doesn’t need to move or rotate every time data needs to be accessed in SSD hosting. So, when it comes on response time SSD hosting are more than 300% faster comparing to traditional web hosting.


High Stability

As discussed earlier, SSDs have no unstable rotating discs so there is less chance that it skip during data encryption and the decryption process. SSD hosting ensures that single piece of information on your website will be properly stored and also promises for smooth and online all the time.

Advantages and Disadvantages of SSD Hosting

Increased Reliability and Security

Web hosting provider who uses HHDs, there is a max chance to lose website data as HHDs are very sensitive. Slight mistake or mishandling result in website data lose and even can cause irreversible damage to your data. That’s why SSDs hosting are much better as SSDs are known for less power usage, high durability, no heat generation and even are highly durable. With all these outstanding and awesome features, SSD hosting has very min chance of damage of drives and the loss of data.

As we all know there are two face and thus the same with SSDs Hosting. You come to know about it advantages of SSDs hosting vs HHDs hosting. Now lets talk over its disadvantages of SSDs hosting.

The Disadvantages of SSD Hosting

The only disadvantages come to see of SSDs hosting is its Expensive Price. Yes, no wonder if SSDs hosting is offering so much reliable, fast and secure features then price too a factors. SSD hosting comes with expensive price and are about 7 to 8 times more expensive than per unit of storage than HHDs hosting. Moreover, due to its enriched features SSD hosting is about 50% moreAdvantages and Disadvantages of SSD Hosting expensive comparing to common web hosting averagely.

Additionally, the other disadvantages that come to seems about SSDs hosting is its capacity. Yes, traditional hard drives are aggregatively capable of storing about 3TB of data in a single drive, while SSDs are normally able to hold just about 512 GB.


So, you come to know about the advantages and disadvantages of SSD hosting. Now, you don’t have any misconception about SSDs hosting. Overall can say that SSDs is much better no matter how much you need to pay and what data storage you need but it’s going to give you best and best features with improved reliability and enhanced securities.

Advantages and Disadvantages of SSD Hosting

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