Beginner Guide to WebHosting Packages

Beginner Guide to WebHosting Packages

Nowadays, everything goes Online and after once you decided to launch a websites you definetely WebHosting Packages available. There are different type of web hosting, they have own features, own benefits and comes with own hosting packages. No wonder, who are just to begin or are new in market would be difinetly confuse to differentiate among different types of webhosting. More headache is to know what does shared, VPS and such hosting packages actually means. I too was first time confused…It’s obvious. So, here’s a beginner guide to WebHosting Packages. Read the Post and get to Know which which one you need to go.

Most Common Webhosting Packages

Beginner Guide to WebHosting Packages

Let’s forget about Windows or Linux hosting, as they are platform based hosting so, it may happens that some of Web apps works best with the Linux based hosting while among them some work great with Windows based hosting. I will talk about common hosting packages type that includes Shared, VPS, dedicated alike:


Beginner Guide to WebHosting Packages

Shared Hosting package

This is the most common and the cheapest hosting package type. Especially this hosting package suits to newbie blogger as itBeginner Guide to WebHosting Packages starts from $2-$15/month depends upon which company are you going with. Shared hosting package can be further classified as limited and unlimited hosting. There are many Webhosting companies who offer different shared hosting packages which too based on limitations. For Example, Popular hosting company like Hostgator offers baby plan/Hatchling plan/and business plan under hosting package. However, difference between them is feature and price.

On the other hand, Companies like Bluehost or Dreamhost offers only the one shared hosting package that comes with unlimited resources. In shared hosting environment, your very Website will be hosted along with many other Websites. Confused…?? Need not to be. It means that all Websites will have the same I.P address and they will share a given resources. However, there is one limitation that in case if any website starts consuming high resource, other sites hosted on the same server will somehow affected. Nevertheless, leaving that one limitation that’s rare shared hosting is best to start with.

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VPS : Virtual Private Server

VPS is another most popular and common hosting package that’s offered by webhosting companies. VPS is based on virtualization, unlike shared hosting, in VPS your Website will get limited but dedicated resources. VPS are soem costly compared to shared hosting but it work perfect especially when your website requires dedicated resources all the time. VPS is commonly known as Virtual root server/virtual dedicated server. If you are thinking that moving to VPS will solve your Website down issues then frankly it’s myth.

Virtual private server actually bridges the gap between the dedicated server and the shared hosting server. Despite of sharing same Beginner Guide to WebHosting Packagessystem among some other Websites, you will have dedicated I.P., Dedicated computing resources. Benefit – you will not be affected by any faulty Website on your Server. There are two most common type of VPS packages

  • Managed VPS
  • Unmanaged VPS.

Unmanaged VPS: In this package, yuo will get root access and everything going on your server is your responsibility. Which includes installing the new script, updating the packages and so on. Linode is one of the best unmanaged VPS.

Managed VPS: This package is best for Blogger who are non-technical. You will have the root access and too you are free to do anything on your virtual box. You may think what’s the difference? Difference is that hosting support team will assist you for everything.


Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server is best for resource hungry Websites and Web apps. The Web apps or the the Websites, which need dedicated pool of resources all time and when you don’t want your system share anything with anyone else then you must prefer Dedicated Server. Dedicated servers are usually costliest one here.


So, all you come to know WebHosting Packages that are available and what does shared, VPS and such hosting packages actually means.

Beginner Guide to WebHosting Packages

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