How To Choose A Domain Name


A domain name is more than an address. It’s your business, your blog and more clear it’s your real identity that reveals how your website will be known online. It is an unique address of your site that lives on Internet and will be yours as long as you continues to pay. Technically, domain referred to as URL.

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Domain name Structure:-

Prefix:- It’s the Internet application protocol of your domain. Example:- http:-example

Subdomain:– It’s the third level domain of your website name. Some uses it and some not prefer. Example:-www.

Name:- It’s the second level domain of the website that picked by person who is registering.

Extension:- It is the top level domain that can be picked among various availability.

Owning domain name is an important part of any online business. Choosing a domain name is alike choosing a company name. Thus, before choosing domain name you need think some as domain name is the identity of yours on web. That’s why you don’t need to rush out and buy a domain name. You should make sure which domain name fits your business. Know, it’s somehow tricky but here you will few important details you need to consider first before choosing proper domain.

Domain Name Extension

No wonder, when you go to choose a domain name your first choice would be for Top Level Domain(TLD) extension to use. There are hundreds of TLD available. Most Popular Ones are:-

Original top level domains (TLDs):- It include .com, .net, .edu, .mil, .org, .int, .gov. In these only some are available for generalimg_1 use. .com is most popular and extensively used.

Country code top level domains (ccTLDs):- These includes extensions alike .au (Australia), .jp (Japan), .ph (Philippines), cn (China), .in (India) and .uk (United Kingdom).

Generic top level domains (gTLDs):- These extensions are very little used. Some common are:- .accountants, .agency, .digital, .business, .city, .photography, and .social.

So, you have look how much there are Top Level Domain. Then you might not be sure which to choose from these TLDs. Here is some few Tips how to choose a domain name.

Tips To Choose A Domain Name

Choose Unique Name

tip_1The first an foremost step you need to choose unique name. Many time it happens that people search in Google or Bing or some different search engine for related domain name. It’s a way but giving your website a name that’s similar to some other existing sites is someway wrong and can be say it’s the first step to failure. Moreover, you don’t ever choose the name that are misspelled or are plural or any existing websites.

Use Your Brain

tip_2Think over choosing proper domain. Pick some words or phrases that would describe the key topic of your website, write them and then mix them to create some interesting and possible domain names. From them choose some good one and also that you always remember. May you are unable to go with or get confused need not to hesitate consult your friends. All we want to say, domain should be unique and quite clear to your business.

Choose One that is Easy it Typetip_3

Keep your domain name very simple that would be understandable, easy to remember as well as easy to enter in address bar. May you be in dilemma why is simplicity important? Let’s have an example of, a popular social media site founded in 2005. Due to its complicated name many visitors misspelled its name. So, you are always suggested to choose that’s easy to type as well as easy to remember.

Choose .com First

As we have previously discussed about Top Level Domain and no wonder any user who going to register for domain name he would preferred that. First as newbie you are suggested to choose .com very first time as it is easy to remember as well as quite popular.

Make it brandabletip_5

Your domain name makes your website popular and thus your domain name will be your brand. Some website like reveals that what their website are actually. Hence you should be careful and choose such which sound clear about your website concept.

Shorter is always better, No Number & Hyphens

tip_6Also prefer a domain name which is short as we stated earlier that shorter is better. May be it happens that what you choose may not be available so try by adding one or two words. Some live example are or alike that. In addition, you should not ever use an acronym. Keep it simple and catchy so that people would always remember it. Numbers and hyphens (especially hyphens) cause confusion and makes domain name complicated. So advised to stay away from this as far as possible.

Avoid trademark problems

Once after you have decided on your top choices for your domain name make sure you are not violating anyone’s trademark. Do a search before as this could kill a great website and can greatly affect your business.

Check social networkstip_11

This the last step but not the least. Before you registered your desired domain name it’s the always good idea to check social networks for the same name. Like check:-, Know it’s some difficulty but is a tool to check it.

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How To Choose A Domain Name

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