Email hosting : What All you need to know?


In this, modern Era Email has become one of the main Internet based activities. Using Email Hosting service or email service we can send message all over the world, it’s the most effective way to communicate for businesses. As demand for emails messaging are increasing and so viewing demand many Web Host provider are also providing email hosting. Today’s Email Hosting is most mostly used and popular in corporate world. There are number of benefits of Email Hosting. Personalizing email account on own domain is a big plus point. This features helps in increasing the efficiency and decreasing the dependability. Seeing it’s enhanced features it wouldn’t be wrong to say that there’s dire need for effective and dedicated email hosting especially if you are running an organization.

There are three possible ways for sending and receiving emails under your own domain name. These are:-

  • Managing in-house servers
  • Email hosting service offered by your webhost
  • Outsourcing Email hosting to Email hosting specialist

Might you gets confused and what to know advantage and disadvantage of these three possible ways. Actually, Managing in-house servers work best but on the same hand managing it is a big plan. Similarly, Outsourcing Email hosting solves the issue of house server management but to get best feature one need to look over it carefully. In Email hosting, your emails will never due to hardware crashes as emails are hosted & stored off-site on the servers. Email hosting provides great features like prevents from spamming, hacking etc, security of information.

Features needs to consider before selecting Email hosting service

Finding a good Email Hosting is not so easy but it can become if one checks and ensures availability of following 5 basic features:-

bulkk-email-marketingSecurity:- Undoubtedly, keeping email content protected is a top concern for users. But not only securing your content is important but also there is requirements to protects emails from hacking or unauthorized access. There are many web hosting companies that allowing hacking leaks but in real it may be dangerous and put in financial trouble. One incident that took place in 2014 was that Sony emails gets hacked and the organization lose upto $100 million. Small business owners choose email hosting services that use advanced tools to protect information. Especially, data loss prevention capabilities, anti-spam filtering and anti-malware should be consider.

In order to, assure yourself that data backed up properly, one must go with globally redundant servers where teams of experts monitors your severs 24 x 7 and able to employ effective disaster recovery. Moreover, before choosing Web Host provider for emails hosting services one must check whether he maintain number of security certification and as possible you must select provider having HIPAA and FISMA compliance. Actually, it states that email service is fully for use in government settings and for use in health care. Microsoft Office 365 is top ranked in email hosting services for Exchange that offers numerous features to users.

Administration and ease of use:– The best email services provide complete control over your email environment, offer assistance whenever it’s needed. Reliable customer service most be priority and must be given 24 x 7 phone and chat support. In addition, you must look out for web-based interface and must choose that easy to use. An easy-to-use interface gives your small business the flexibility.

Flexibility and compatibility:- Before choosing email hosting service you must look whether it is offering enterprise-level syncing with web based application or not. Also, you choose one that offers a variety of features and several service levels.

Availability:- As email is a vital part of a business productivity and usually contains important official data so you must choose a hosting company that guarantee uptime at least 99.9%. Even an hour of downtime can cost your business thousand of dollars. In addition, you must go with that always keeps you connected and assure you can access your email environment on mobile devices across brand.


Archiving and storage:- Undoubtedly, cluttered of emails irritates you but among them some are important one that exactly you don’t want to delete. Therefore, it’s highly advised to go for email hosting service which offer adequate storage for storing important emails.

So, All you look the factors that needs to consider before selecting Email host provider service. Email hosting plays vital role in any businesses setup.


Let’s have look over the benefits of Email Hosting

Spam and Virus Filtering: The best part about Email hosting is that these comes with Spam and Virus Filtering features. A quality email hosting provider blocks potentially harmful mail. Anti-virus scanners are usually integrated into the host’s SMTP. An organization that totally want to free from spam must employ filtering methods like whitelisting, blacklisting and greylisting and allows that spam emails automatically sends to quarantine folder instead of being in Inbox.


Know More:-

Shared Address Book:- This is one most significant features of Email Hosting that provides the user a convenient way to store his contact data for easy retrieval and use. There are many emails hosts that provide both shared and private address book along with public network directory services.

Adequate Storage Space:- Companies offering this very service ensure that its users get adequate storage space that can store thousands of critical and important email messages. Therefore, the more flexible email hosting plan is that it allows the users to increase or decrease storage limit.

Email hosting : What All you need to know?

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