How to Fix 500 internal server error


If you have been using Internet for long time, then surely you have come across 500 internal server error many times. The very error is common with WordPress that truly can puts any users in panic situation. Often it happens that even after installing wordpress theme or respective plugin you suddenly gets the following 500 internal server error. However, you don’t to desperate as it’s a resolvable issue that can be easily done. In the given below article you will know an easy solution to fix the very error.

As we all know, the 500 internal server error usually occurs on WordPress sites but it’s not specific to wordpress, it can also happens with other thing even running on your server as well. It doesn’t tell the developer anything about the error and thus somehow it’s hard to know the very reasons behind erroneous situation.

Let’s have a look over the major reasons behind 500 internal server error to occur in WordPress and get solution to troubleshoot them:-

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Corrupt files or files containing errors in code

As soon as you got the very error the first and foremost thing you need to troubleshoot internal server error is check for the corrupted .htaccess files. Usually improper/errors in file transfers to web server causes corruption to occur. It just look fine in between other codes but there is something in process that caused file to be unusable. Apart from that coding errors also the reason behind the error. The coding error may be in installed plugins or the theme you have installed. So, if the reason behind 500 internal server error is the any default in wordpress then you are highly advised to delete the WordPress theme and then after re-install it.

In case, if theme is OK but error emerges due to installed plugin then deactivate all the plugins that responsible the very error. Most common 500 error produced by a file is related to the WordPress .htaccess file. Actually, .htaccess file has been primarily designed to used with custom permalink structures. In addition, the very .htaccess file also used by some third party plugins as well as used for server configuration directives if allowed. That’s why if it contains any error, you encounter 500 internal server error which the worst error. The .htaccess file is located in root folder of your WordPress installation. So, if reasons behind the error is this you can fix it:-

  • Log in to your very site via FTP(example:- Filezilla)
  • Download a copy of your .htaccess file and then rename it(eg:-“.htaccess-backup”)
  • Now, delete the previous .htaccess file residing on your Web server.
  • Create new blank file namely “.htaccess” onto your PC.
  • Upload this new file to your Web server(Remember:- On same place of .htaccess file)

Now, navigate to your WordPress admin. You now able to login.

After login to your site, navigate to the Permalinks settings page and there enable WordPress to write the correct .htaccess declarations itself.

PHP memory limits set too low, need to increase


Sometimes due to PHP memory limits set too low, you may encounter the 500 internal server error. Actually, if you are seeing the very error when you try to login into wordpress or uploading image then in order to come out of very issue you need to increase PHP memory limit.

To increase PHP memory limits, just go through the below mentioned steps:-

  • Create blank text file called php.ini
  • Paste this code in there: memory=64MB
  • Save the file
  • Upload this into your /wp-admin/ folder using FTP

If you are technical skilled then only you opt for this method otherwise ask your web host to increase your PHP limits.

Deactivate all Conflicting Third Party Plugins

errorIf you have gone through above stated step and still you are getting same error then 500 internal server error likely to be because of specific plugin. It may happens that combination of plugins won’t properly works and hence you are suggested to deactivate all conflicting third party plugins.

First login in to your dashboard and then go to plugins section. Deactivate plugins. After that load front end page if it loads without error then it’s the problem behind emergence of 500 internal server error. Now after activates each plugins one by one and repeat the process that means loading front end page. If you got the same error then soon you deactivate the just previously activated plugin.

If you are getting the error on both the front end and the back end admin area then you need to access your site via FTP client. Now, Navigate to the /wp-content/ folder where you find folder called plugins. Rename the plugins folder like rename it like “plugins.reactivate”. After this wordpress ignores your plugins. Now check whether problems resolved or not. If it resolved then once again login into admin section and change your plugin.reactivate to plugin and then after deactivate them from admin page.

Schild_1134Re-uploading Core File

If plugin option is not the reasons then re-upload the wp-admin and wp-includes folder from fresh WordPress install. This process will not remove any information but may fixed the issue.

Ask Your Web Hosting Provider

If going through all the above step you are unable to resolve 500 internal server error then you are advised to Ask Your Web Hosting Provider.

How to Fix 500 internal server error

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