Guide To Buy Expired Domains

Factors Need To Be Consider While Buying Expired Domains

A domain name is just more than an address, your business, it’s your blog and more clearly it’s your the real identity that reveals how does your website will be known online. It’s the unique address of your website. So, you come to know how important domain name is and much important is choosing a right domain name. There are many bloggers who prefer old domains over new domains for their beginning/opening blogs. There are many benefits of buying expired domains. All we are hearing expired domain but what is expired domain.

Guide To Buy Expired DomainsAn expired domain is such a domain which we don’t gets renew. There are number of people who forget to renew their very domains or some don’t have money to renew them again. In such case domain registrar gives 30 days extension to renew your domain. Even after, passing 30 days extension period, if you fail to renew your very domain then your domain will be declared as expired domain and domain registrar will then start bidding for that the domain. A step is followed like Bidding will be done for 7 days and then after that very domain will be given to higher bidder. Expired domains are important in many ways and it will proves most beneficial when you are using it for PBNs. As using PBNs we can easily rank the website. This is because of the fact that old domains have some inherent domain authority, backlinks, and that’s why rank well.


Benefits of Buying An Expired Domains

As stated earlier, there are many benefits of buying an expired domain. Some of them are described below:-


For success of any websites, backlinks plays an important role. Expired domain has lots of backlinks may its range from 100 to 10000. Actually, it depends upon age of domain. More older the domain, more backlinks are there.

PR, DA and PA

PR(Page Rank), PA (page authority) and DA (domain authority) are the very important factors that elaborate the quality of any expired domain or live website. Before buying an expired domain one must check this.

Factors Need To Be Consider While Buying Expired Domains

Guide To Buy Expired Domains

Check Page Rank(PR)

Page Rank or simply PR is one most important factors that needs to be consider. In case if you going to buy domain which is about 3years old PR plays important role especially in ranking the website. However, sometime it happens that PR that shows is faked so its better to use PR Checker Tool. Now you may confused how PR is faked? Actually, it is very easy and can be easily faked by redirection to another website having higher PR. Also check whether websites redirect or not. For this:-

  • Go to Google search bar.
  • Type Info:Website name

Be aware of the website that has PR more than 7 as they may be scam one.

Check Domain Authority(DA) and Page Authority(PA)

After once you have checked PR, you too must check DA and PA of the expired domain. If PR is no longer updated, DA and PAGuide To Buy Expired Domains plays important role.

Check CF, TF and RD of the expired domain

Apart from PR, DA and PA, another most important factors is Citation Flow(CF), Referring Domain(RD) and Trust Flow(TF) that must be noticed before buying expired domain.

Citation Flow(CF):- It varies from 0 to 100 and calculated upon backlinks pointing to the site.

Trust Flow(TF):- It based on the trustworthiness of the websites that are linking. If link is coming from some trusty and high authority websites then it is high.

Referring Domain(RD):– It should be always checked and also should be high. If the domain that you are going to buy have more .edu or .gov alike backlinks, it better to leave it.

Check Adsense Ban

No wonder, you are going to buy expired domain in order to make money and it’s also true many expired domain are of high quality so one can easily make money using Adsense. So, before buying expired domain you must check and make sure expired domain are not banned from Adsense.

Backlinks Relevancy

As we have stated that expired domain has already many backlinks so one must check backlink relevancy by:-

  • Visiting link and check whether it exists or not.
  • Check for contextual links.
  • Check for dofollow or nofollow links.


How Much To Pay For Expired Domains

The price of expired domain based on the factors we have described above. Normal Rate is like:-Guide To Buy Expired Domains

  • PR2:- $10
  • PR3:- $40
  • PR4:- $100
  • PR5:- $150-$200
  • PR6:- $300+

Where To Buy Expired Domains

There are many sites from where you can buy expired domain. Some very popular of them are:-

  • DomCop
  • NameJet

So, this is guide to buy expired domains. Here all the factors have been explained that needs to be consider before buying expired domain.


Guide To Buy Expired Domains

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