How Do You Empty The Trash On A Mac : Get Complete Info

In Mac Whenever user deletes any file, it moved to the Trash. The file will appears to be gone, but the actual data still takes some space on drive. If the user realizes that, they have mistakenly deleted something, they can go into trash and restore it. Its only happens when user selects Empty Trash command that let you know that the data is removed from your PC drive and file becomes unrecoverable through normal methods. In this way, they could know as how to empty trash on mac. You can also review Apple Forum, for how to empty Trash on Mac.

  • At first click and hold on the Trashcan icon in the Dock.

  • Then after a pop-up will appear that says Empty Trash. Just select it.

This Empty Trash features works well in Mac, but most of the users just forget to empty their Trash. Even if the files are relatively small, they can cumulative itself with many gigabytes as wasted spaces.

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 Recommended Steps For Emptying The Trash On Mac

Manual Steps

Automatic Steps

Clear Steps To Empty Trash On Mac Manually

How Do You Empty The Trash On Mac

Although if you have deleted some documents, if not the entire folders, they just reside into your Mac Trash can. So, to free up the hard drive space, you just need to actually empty your Mac Trash, and to rescue all your lost Mac data, you should recovery emptied trash on Mac .

Just start by moving your documents that you want to delete the Mac Trash can. Now, use the mouse to drag the documents icon that resides above the trash can in the dock. Finally release the mouse button when the trash can turns black.

You should know that you have stuff in the trash because the icon shows some crumpled paper. To completely empty your trash can, just choose Empty Trash under the Finder menu or press Command + Shift + Delete. A warning will pop up, reminding you that once your trash is gone, its gone.

How Do You Securely Empty The Trash On  Mac

Emptying the trash is efficient to get rid of the files that you don’t want anymore. But emptying the trash does not really destroy the files. They just remain in the hard drive, marked for overwritten by next time, your Mac needs space.

Secure Empty Trash option will overwrites the deleted files with Apple Calls “Meaningless data”. Its more secure form of file deletion.

Also Refer :- Macworld site for Securely Empty Trash

  • At first click and hold on Trashcan Icon in Dock.
  • Hold down the command key and tap Trash. The Empty Trash will change to Secure Empty Trash and then select it.

How To Empty Trash on Mac Using Terminal

  • At first, open terminal on your Mac.

  • Now, you have to type “sudo rm -R” followed by space. More importantly, do not hit return after you enter the command.

  • Select all the files and folders from trash folder, drag and drop them into Terminal Window. Doing this it will add the path of each file and folder to Remove command.
  • Now you can hit Return and then enter your administrator password to continue the operations. You will not see the password being typed into Terminal.
  • Hit Enter again.

However, the deleting process will begin and might take a couple of minutes, as depending on the size of files and folders, that you are deleting.

How To Delete All Trash On Mac By Erasing Free Space

Another approach of empty the trash on mac is to use “Erase Free Space” utility, to overwrites any files that is marked for deletion. This is a function of Disk Utility, that is found in Mac OS under Applications → Utilities.

  • At first, just select hard drive that you want to use.
  • Under the Erase tab, just select Erase Free Space.

  • You will get here various options depending on how you want to wipe the files.

Step By Step Solution To Empty Mac Trash Automatically

Top Demo Software Used To Empty Trash On Mac

Top Trial Software Used To Empty Trash On Mac

Complete Guide To Rescue Lost Mac Data Using Demo Software

Empty Mac Trash Using First Rank Stellar Mac Data Recovery

Stellar Mac Data Recovery is a powerful tool that empowers you to perform recovery of deleted Trash items on Mac OS. It performs all types of recovery tasks from Mac Operating system like reclaiming of Deleted files, retrieving lost Mac Volumes, time machine backup drives and much more.

Special Characteristics Of Stellar Mac Data Recovery

Mac Data Recovery

Stellar Mac Data Recovery is used as professional software that offers wide features in retrieving your Mac data. It can be your documents, photos, music of other data, that lost due to disasters like Formatting, Accidental deletion, Virus attack or other similar issues.

Recover Permanently Trashed Files

Stellar Mac Data Recovery is equipped with the competent algorithms that can successfully attain the restoration of your permanently deleted data. It un-deletes files within a few clicks. Additionally it restores deleted items with their original file names.

Advanced Scanning Modes

It allows you to pick a mode from the sophisticated scanning modes. You can use Quick Scan that can scan your deleted files quickly. You are also provided with Advanced Scan option that looks deeper for missing files.

Free Preview Mac Deleted Files

This wonderful Stellar Mac Data Recovery provides a free preview of all recoverable files that can be saved to another hard disk. Using free preview features you can retrieve their deleted or lost files successfully.

Pros and Cons Related With Stellar Mac Data Recovery


  • It consist of really friendly user interface, fast and easy installation, scan and recover process.
  • Supports to recover most popular formats.


  • The scanning and recovery speed rate is below average for both HDDs and SSDs.
  • Unlike most of the hard disk recovery applications, it does not offer free updates.
  • Not supports Mac HDD recovery testing.

Best User Guide Concerned With Stellar Mac Data Recovery

  • Select your Mac hard drive for deleted file recovery.
  • You have to choose Deleted File Recovery option now and click Start Scan to scan your hard drive.

  • This software will completes the scan and prepares all files for preview.

  • Launch preview of all recovered files before recovery.

  • Select all those recovered files and click on Recover button to save all files to another drive.

Empty Mac Trash Using Second Rank Data Rescue 4

Data Rescue 4 is a Mac data recovery software that will recover your deleted or missing items with great ease, that includes photos, videos, and documents, that have been deleted, damaged or reformatted.

3 Simple Steps To Recover Your Deleted Data Using Data Rescue 4

  • Select a device that you want recovery from.
  • Choose the type of data recovery scan to run.
  • Pick the files that you would like to recover to your secondary storage device.

Easy And Safe Mac Data Rescue 4 Recovery Software

  • Works with all Mac Hard drives even if it fails to mount, or partially operate.
  • Recovers deleted pictures from your camera media, even after it has been erased.
  • Also recovers your entire Mac hard drive or just the files you need.
  • Recovers all files from any HFS / HFS+ formatted drive.
  • Turned for all modern Mac OS versions 10.8 and newer.
  • Supports data recovery from HTFS-based Boot Camp partitions.

Pros And Cons Of Data Rescue 4 Recovery Software


  • Data Rescue 4 excels at recovering images, documents and other multimedia, with perfect scores in most of the tests.
  • Having better scanning options that are based on type of files that you want to retrieve and reason they were lost.
  • Beyond recovery, Data Rescue 4 helps you to prevent future disasters.


  • You can’t use Data Rescue 4 to repair another computer over a network.
  • Separate drive requirement have an alternative physical location where it can store and sort during the scan.

Complete Guide To Recover Lost Data Using Data Rescue 4

Step 1 : Request demo, download and then launch Data Rescue 4 software.

Step 2 : Activate the Software and then select Start New Scan.

Step 3 : Select the hard drive that you wish to recover deleted files from and click on Next.

Step 4 : Select the Deleted Files Scan task. And then select Start.

Step 5 : Its scanning begins. This is actual live process where Data Rescue is looking to recover the deleted files in free space of hard drive.

Step 6 : After deleted files scan is completed, a windows with recoverable files will displayed on your screen. Select files that you want to restore and click Next, to recover to your destination drive.

Step 7 : Select Destination folder.

Empty Mac Trash Using Third Rank Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac

Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac is a comprehensive software that will rescue all your data from the Mac OS. This is a single software to recover all your deleted data on Mac. The features of this software are not limited to retrieve the data from your Mac hard drive. It can also recover your data from SD card, digital camera and much more. This is a safe and effective data recovery software.

Interesting features Of Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac

Preview Available : Using Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac, you are free to preview all the found items after the disk scan and decide which files to recover.

Powerful Search : This functions enables you to find the lost files / data quickly and efficiently. Once activated, the deep scan feature will analyze and find every byte of your data on your Mac.

Easily Recover : With three simple steps to recover your lost, deleted, formatted files from Macintosh and storage devices.

Pros And Cons Of Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac


  • Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac lets user having complete control over lost recovery process.
  • Contains different recovery modes.
  • Its reading are quiet accurate.
  • Using Resume Recovery method, one can pause and start scan later on, according to his convenience.
  • Supports wide range of files formats and devices.


  • It has limited file size.
  • Preview feature of this tool has little scope of improvement.
  • It doesn’t work for some file types.

How To Recover Lost Data Using Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac

Step # 1. Launch Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac application on your Mac.

Step # 2. You will see four different recovery options, just click on first one “Lost File Recovery” .

Step # 3. Select the drive from which you wish to scan and recovery files. Just select the partition. Checked Enable Deep Scan option.

Step # 4. Once you have done major configurations, tap Scan button.

Step # 5. After scanning get finished, You will get a list of folders that can recovered. Then click on Recover button and specify the path where you want the files to be recovered.

Empty Mac Trash Using Fourth Rank Do Your Data Mac Data Recovery

Do Your Data Mac Data Recovery is an efficient Mac Data recovery Software that will completely and permanently recover your lost files on Mac hard drive or other storage device due to deletion, formatting, volume loss and , power failure, OS Crash and other similar reasons. This is free to use and even powerful software that help you in easily and completely recover deleted, formatted and inaccessible files.

Powerful Features Of Do Your Data Mac Data Recovery

  • Do Your Data Mac Data Recovery contains effective features that has full power to recover your lost data under various data loss situations .
  • Recover deleted files under Mac OS, from emptied Trash bin.
  • Do Your Data Mac Data Recovery Recovers all data from formatted hard drives.
  • Export data from inaccessible hard drive.
  • Retrieve your missing files or damaged files.
  • Recovers your lost data due to Mac OS Upgrade.

Pros And Cons Of Do Your Data Mac Data Recovery


  • Do Your Data Mac Data Recovery is one of the best performing application for recovering your lost Mac data.
  • Having high success rate in recovering formatted data.


  • Lacks network access that make it more useful for IT departments.
  • Only find one-thirds deleted documents files.
  • Certain files are not viewable with Preview function.

Do Your Data Mac Data Recovery User Guide

Step 1 : At first launch Do Your Mac Data Recovery Software, and select the file types that you want to recover, then the program will scan your drive and you will get more focused scanning results.

Note:- Do Your Data Mac Data Recovery provides two recovery modes as Quick Recovery and Advanced Recovery. You are strongly recommended to use Quick Recovery mode at first, because it takes only one minutes.

Step 2 : Then select the drive where you lost your files to start the scanning. You can also recover the lost files from local / external Mac drive, Mac volumes.

Step 3 : You can easily preview the files and check their quality before recovery. Then recover the file that you want and save on your PC.

Complete Guide To Rescue Lost Mac Data Using Trial Software

Get Back Your Deleted Mac Data Using Free TestDisk Open Source Data Recovery Software

TestDisk Open Source Data Recovery Software is a powerful utility that will recovers all your lost partitions and helps in making non-booting and faulty disks, bootable again. This effective tool helps to fight the data loss that results from various virus attacks, accidental formatting, unintentional deletion, partition table damage, faulty software and so on. This is completely a free program that lets its users to perform low risk data recovery from a command prompt.

Beneficial Features Of TestDisk Open Source Data Recovery Software

  • Recovers data from HFS, FAT, NTFS, EXT, exFAT file systems.
  • Fixes MFT using MFT Mirror.
  • Recovers your Boot Camp Partition on Mac.
  • Fixes partition table and recovers deleted partitions.

Pros And Cons Of TestDisk Open Source Data Recovery Software


  • TestDisk Open Source Data Recovery Software recovers lost partitions and helps in rebuild boot sectors.
  • As it operates on Command Prompt or Dos Level, its regarded as one of safest Mac data recover tool.
  • Used to recover all types of files from damaged hard disk and external storage devices.
  • It provides detailed information and fulfill their exact purpose.
  • Its completely free, open source utilities.


  • It may fail to recognize some drives.
  • TestDisk Open Source Data Recovery Software is command line based utilities, that’s why lack Graphical User Interface.
  • Its not suitable for novice or less experienced users.
  • It don’t have live update features that shows which files have found.
  • Often takes lots of time to complete its process.

Steps To Recover Mac Lost Data Using TestDisk Open Source Data Recovery

Step 1 : Log Creation

After downloading just choose create to instruct TestDisk Open Source Data Recovery to create a log file that contains technical information and messages.

Step 2 : Disk Selection

All hard drives should be detected and listed with correct size by TestDisk Open Source Data Recovery. Use up / down arrow key to select your hard drive with lost partitions.

Step 3 : Partition Table Type Selection

Just select the partition table type, usually the default value is the correct one as TestDisk Open Source Data Recovery auto detects the partition table type. Now press Enter to proceed.

Step 4 : Current Partition Table Status

TestDisk Open Source Data Recovery displays the menus. You have to use choose Analyse, to check your current partitions structure. Now, confirm at Analyse with Enter to proceed.

Step 5 : Now, your current partitions structure will be listed. Just examine your current partitions structure for missing partitions and errors.

Download TestDisk

Stellar Data Recovery : Best Alternative From Other Mac Data Recovery Software

Although these software are very popular in recovering deleted data from Mac, but in the absence of proper explained interactive interface, non-technical users may find these tools very difficult to work with. Thus, to overcome the shortcomings of these tools, and to recover Mac data within quick time and in a free manner, Stellar Mac Data Recovery would serve the best purpose. This professional Mac data recovery tool quickly restores your deleted or lost documents, photos, music files, as well as videos from HFS, HFS+, and other NTFS format based file systems.

Stellar Mac Data Recovery definitely reclaims all your inaccessible and missing data from different Mac OS, as MacBook, Mac Mini, Mac Pro and other related versions. It also facilitates the RAW Recovery on lost MAC Volumes and data recovery from encrypted file systems as well as Time Machine Backups drives. Stellar Mac Data Recovery get downloaded and installed within seconds and its highly advanced and interactive GUI, makes it super easier for all types of users to work with. Thus, Stellar Mac Data Recovery is more preferred option. Stellar Mac Data Recovery is definitely a cut above all Mac Data Recovery Software.

Installation Steps For Stellar Mac Data Recovery

Just follow below mentioned steps to install Stellar Mac Data Recovery with greater ease.

  • At first unzip file.
  • Then double click on dmg file. It will mount a virtual volume – StellarMacDataRecovery.
  • You have to drag StellarMacDataRecovery application from mounted virtual volume to Application Folder.

  • To launch this software, just double click on StellarMacDataRecovery in Application folder.
  • Accept the License Agreements and main window of Stellar Mac Data Recovery software will be displayed on your screen.

How Do You Empty The Trash On A Mac : Get Complete Info

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