How Much Bandwidth Do I Need For Web Hosting


When you do research for web host providers to house your website, one must important factor to that needs to be evaluate is the cost for your required amount of bandwidth. Actually, bandwidth of the website is the amount of data transferred through website at one time. The whole spectrum of web hosting work on the very parameter. In real, overall functionality and effectiveness of your website depends on bandwidth you have been provided by web host provider. If you have lesser bandwidth your website speed gets hamper and may be unavailable to the visitors which really bad. That’s why demand for higher network bandwidth is rising continuously and it’s the one of most crucial data centers concerns.

Often, people confused between bandwidth and data transfer and they misunderstood they are same but in real they both are different. Data transfer is discrete function which signifies the actual data that need to be transferred every time when your website loads while Bandwidth is a vehicle of the certain capacity which transmits the very data which measured in seconds. Therefore, to a site owners, the amount of bandwidth that have been offered really matters. The higher the bandwidth, the better the speed, network, connectivity and the systems.


How to Calculate Amount of Bandwidth You Need?


Generally, bandwidth requirement depends on a number of factors. No wonder, there are so many visitors who browse your website per day and thus, it difficult to precise/guess amount of bandwidth need. However, here we will tells and easy step to map it.

Here is the formula:-

  • Estimate the average page size which in KB
  • Multiply, the average page size (in KB) with the monthly average number of visitors.
  • Then, Multiply the result from step 2 with the average number of pageviews per visitor.

Short-end:- Average page size × Number of pages × number of visitors

However, in case you are unable to find or having trouble, then you must try Pingdom’s Load Time test.

After, these simple calculations you will have an idea of how much bandwidth you need for your very website. There are several factors that can affect the bandwidth your site consumes.

Layout changes:- In case, If you have change your site’s layout and increase the size of your page you need more bandwidth.

Traffic growth:- It’s too affect bandwidth consumption.

Traffic Spikes:- Sometime it happens that unexpectedly traffic spikes, may due to any medium like social sites, then it can consume bandwidth usage to double or even triple in single month.


Website and Bandwidth

Although, calculating bandwidth is looks easy to do but in practically it somehow tough to guess exact amount if bandwidth requirements. It also depends upon Website category that as follow huge, medium and small type. Web hosting plans and 100TB-High-bandwidth-Serversbandwidth are actually directly proportional to each other. That means if the bandwidth requirement of your website is more, you need to choose among the hosting plans that’s offering huge bandwidth.

Miscalculation in website bandwidth requirement can result in misinterpreting of web hosting plan. Thus, you must calculate properly choose a web hosting plan with exact bandwidth requirement. More bandwidth more money you need to spend. No matter but you must consider something before like:-

  • Use image compression tools for uploading images and keep the number of images to minimal.
  • check on the number of file which you are offering for download and try to keep it minimum.
  • File size of your website should be minimal.
  • This process helps you to choose optimal limit of the bandwidth.

Let’s Explore Unlimited Bandwidth

There are many web host provider who offer unlimited bandwidth. For purchaser, it means that he can run as much data as traffic to their very website as they need without ceilings while for hosting provider it means a way to give a flat cost to a buyer that generally will work. Going with unlimited bandwidth is one most common mistakes that newbie do. For any web hosting companies offering unlimited bandwidth is just next to impossible. Moreover, before choosing bandwidth offer you must read terms and conditions.


What’s Not Allowed In Unlimited Plan/Unlimited Bandwidth

  • File sharing/archive/mirroring sites
  • Sharing your account details with general public
  • Content which you cannot distribute
  • Site which diverts the traffic to another site

Thus, More than unlimited bandwidth, unmetered bandwidth is the best option.


So, there are some significant issues which need to be considered for deciding the bandwidth requirement of the website. Bandwidth calculation is much important in trying to reduce the bandwidth requirement of your website. You should be careful in selecting offers provided by web hosts especially for unlimited bandwidth as it can be just a mirage. Now with the given information, hope you will be no longer influenced with misleading deals from the very web hosting companies. You can also evaluate your own needs and confidently pick up plan that better supports your organization’s needs and suits your budget.

How Much Bandwidth Do I Need For Web Hosting

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