How To Prevent Website From Virus Attacks And Malware


Some day before, I come through a Forum where one has issue that his websites has been infected. Already we, have discussed earlier that how bad is this for you when your websites gets infected with malware threats. Also, you have come to know how virus spread and infect your PC. Really, for any website owner, hosting provider situation become frustrating when he come across this very critical situation. No matter, how’s virus infect your website but let’s know how can you prevent your website from virus attacks and malware.


Nowadays, there are million of sites. Any search, any queries people just visits online and gets relevant solution. Along with, that it’s also true that each and every day your Internet site is just vulnerable to virus attacks and severe malware. Virus attacks on your website not only affect your business but also the customers/visitors of your websites. So, it’s always necessary to keep your websites secure.

Ways To Protect your websites from hackers/malware


Keep platforms and scripts up-to-date

The best and foremost thing you should do to keep your website secure is to make sure the platforms or the scripts you’ve installed are just up-to-date. May you thinks, why it’s necessary then let know you that many of the tools are created as open-source software programs and thus code are easily available. That’s why Hackers can pour over the code by exploiting the platform or script weaknesses.

Install security plugins, when possible

After once, your platforms and scripts are update you should look into security plugins. Yes, to enhance the security of your website you must look into security plugins that are actively prevent against hacking attempts.

Lock down your directory and file permissionssite-lock-hacking-protection

Internally, all websites can be boiled down to series of folder and files on Hosting account. Besides containing all scripts and the data needed to make your website work, each from these files and folders are assigned a set of permissions that further controls who can read, who can write, and who can execute the given file or folder, relative to the user they are or the group to which they belong.

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So, you have look what’re the ways to protect your websites from hackers/malware. But what next if Websites or Hosting account has got already Infected. Need not to think more over it as we are here giving you perfect solution to remove malware from website.

If your website has malware your hosting account’s security was compromised and anyway malicious software has been uploaded onto it. But first make sure, is in real your website is infected or not. Yes, it’s sound weird but easy to do.

Check your website infected or not:- domain name

If your site is infected you will be given warning otherwise nothing.

Ways to Remove malware from your website

Change your Password.

If your site is hosting malware, then immediately change your password. Use some strong password.

Remove the malware

Now after, remove the malware. Manually, it hard to remove and that’s why we would recommend you to make use of effective and reliable virus removal tool to get rid of it.


Last, but not the least you should keep changing your website pass word as it may be guessed and can be hacked again. Better is that you should be careful and take every step to prevent website from virus attacks and malware.

To Know How To Remove:-

How To Prevent Website From Virus Attacks And Malware

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