How To Recover Files From Abandoned Websites

How To Recover Files From Abandoned Websites

We all know there are thousand of websites available on Internet. Some build websites and after he unable to pay site gets abandoned. Sometime before while I was searching for Hosting issues I come through a sites where a user was looking for a way to recover files from abandoned websites. Actually, he was unable to pay to maintain site and thus his website was taken off the website. Ya…It’s an issue but not a critical. One can easily restore the files from the websites that gets abandoned.

Question arises when a sites drops off the Internet, Where does it go? Let’s have an answer..In reality as you manages the files and documents on system in the same way pages of websites are. They are just simple files that are placed on the computer located somewhere in world in simple word called SERVER. How does website typically removed from website? Usually, website is a bunch of files, that reside on a computer somewhere and Computers that are used for websites are very busy. It may happens that while removing unwanted files from your computer, you simply delete them. Unlike own system computers that is maintaining websites is not going to keep the deleted files in a recycle bin. They truly delete them and then after the spaces that freed is reclaimed for others. However, you don’t need to panic as you can still recover files from abandoned websites.

Recover Files From Abandoned Websites

How To Recover Files From Abandoned Websites

All popular and respectable web hosts have their own backups of the sites they store on their computers. This done in order to restore your website from the archive in case your website fails. After hearing about backup you might thinks there’s a chance to recover your old abandoned site but you don’t need to be excited as they only backup of those website which currently exist. However, if your websites has been recently abandoned and you have good relationship with your hosting provider then there is a chance of files recovery from abandoned websites otherwise from there..Help is something to imagine!!!


So, As in IT industry it’s always say Backup is best tool to sort out any corruption or failure issue so as the owner of the website, you are the one that have greatest responsibility to protect your site. In addition to keeping copy of your website onto your own computer, you must too back up your computer from time to time on a separate device like external device alike USB drives, Pen drives and others. However, sometimes it happens that external drive gets corrupted or damages or fails to respond. Facing this error after the very erroneous situation is really a thing that is unavoidable. Losing website data or some other important files from hard drive or some other storage media is very common to hear. But need not to worry as Data Recovery is possible using some effective data recovery tool.

Till, we have an issue that how to recover files from abandoned websites. But if the situation become more critical like oneimages (1) accidentally deleted files in cPanel. Yes….It sound very worrying and it too happens and quite common issues especially to newbie. As I have stated that backup is much important and hence if you have done backup and have accidentally deleted a file or folder on your website and your web host uses cPanel, the chances are you can get it back.

But what If you have forgotten to do that or haven’t proper backup? You need to check your local copy of the website, checked the recycle bin, checked the trash folder of web server, checked your browser cache. After checking all if still your hand is empty then need not to panic as still there is a way to restore accidentally deleted files in cPanel. Your site backed up automatically by cPanel, daily, weekly and sometimes monthly too.

So go through the step to get back your deleted files:-

  • Log in to cPanel.
  • Find Files > Backups

How To Recover Files From Abandoned Websites

  • Choose the most recent backup where you know your file/folder still existed.

How To Recover Files From Abandoned Websites

  • Save the file, which will be a .tar.gz
  • Unzip the file and then unzip it again

Hopefully the deleted or lost file will be there.


So, you all come to know how frustrating moment for one when his site gets abandoned and more frustrating when one accidentally deleted files in cPanel. No matter, what the issue but at this post you find best solution to recover files from abandoned websites as well as to recover the files that one accidentally deleted files in cPanel.

How To Recover Files From Abandoned Websites

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