How To Remove Virus From Your Joomla Website

Remove Virus From Your Joomla Website

Nowadays, Everything is going online and this has increased the demand for easy to use packages like Joomla, WordPress and Drupal. When you are operating on Joomla website or any other definetly you want that people visit your website. It’s a bitter true that creating and running a website successful is not so easy. Moreover, you need to maintain your website at every stage and if you are using it as revenue generating website then its always need to work properly. Those who are using computer for long time is well known with the causes and problem by virus. Yes once virus infected your PC it’s quite common that your web server or website gets infected. Really,, It’s a frustrating issue when website like Joomla gets infected with virus, visit surely gets affected. Moreover, virus that infects computer can be used to steal an individual’s private information as well as it can totally ruin down computer performance. Joomla website are too prone and once it infected website it can cause a severe issue. So, it’s always need to take care.


Un giorno prima, non mi ricordo … Durante la ricerca di metodo per rimuovere il virus dal sito web ho attraversato un commento in cui una gli utenti hanno un problema che il suo sistema viene infettato con il virus mortale. Perché il suo sistema infettato il suo sito web troppo viene infettato. Allo stesso ho fou trovare migliore soluzione in forma di strumento di rimozione per sbarazzarsi di qualsiasi programma malware.

Remove Virus From Your Joomla Website

It’s all to the owner of the Joomla website to make sure that their website don’t gets infected with hackers or viruses. Additonally, if you are taking any private information you need to keep it secure. What next if virus infected your Joomla website? Need not to go anywhere, here you will find best solution to remove virus from your Joomla website.

How To Remove Virus From Your Joomla WebsiteRemove Virus From Your Joomla Website

  • Open the task manager >> Go to the processes tab
  • Find the file titled wscipt.exe >> End that process
  • Open the windows registry editor
  • Find the VirusMar file and hit the delete key
  • Close the windows registry editor
  • Open the control panel
  • Click on show hidden and protected files
  • Open My computer >> Find the windows directory
  • Find VirusMar.js file >> Hit delete key
  • Navigate to VirusMar.js file >> delete the file.


So, it’s all the way through which you can easily remove virus infection from your Joomla Website.

How To Remove Virus From Your Joomla Website

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