Some Silliest Web Hosting Features Offered By Web Hosting Provider

Today’s Era is digital Era and everything going online. To be online, every website need hosting and this has raise the demand for web hosting companies. There are many webs hosting companies and among them there is tough and plentiful – competition, and to “stand out from the crowd” they offer many luring and Silliest Web Hosting Features. However, some of offered features are fairly easy to discern like pay for one month, get the free months of hosting service free. In real it means nothing and this done to fool novice and too somewhat experienced lures by it. Here are the some Silliest Web Hosting Features.

Silliest Web Hosting Features

Unlimited Bandwidth And/Or Storage

Unlimited plans are a nearly universal offering. Previously I have discussed that nothing in life worth having is free and this same with web hosting company. Most web hosting providers offer them, especially for shared hosting environments. Elements like CPU, network cables, computer RAMs are required to run hosting server and no wonder these comes with its own cost. If you go for the webhosting on the basis of unlimited bandwidth and/or storage it can create a plenty of trouble for you in future. Some hosting companies throttle your CPU usage after once you reached certain threshold while some shut down your sites down together.

Silliest Web Hosting Features

So, first thing that you always remember that there is nothing like:- no unlimited bandwidth, no unlimited data transfers, no unlimited disk space. Everything comes with limit and you should not pay attention to one most Silliest Web Hosting Features.


Free Google Analytics

If you have search for web hosting features you must have come through a Free Google Analytics features. Of course they offer free Google Analytics. In real Google Analytics is free service provided by Google not by the web hosting companies. It involves creating Google account, installing some simple script onto your website, and linking two together through the Google Analytics interface. Among this step he Web host has nothing to do with.

99% Uptime Guarantee

Most hosting companies give an uptime guarantee. Really, this sounds great – after all, 99% of any service providen is damn good. Uptime refers to the time of site is up, live, and accessible the visitors.Silliest Web Hosting Features

Let’s do Some calculation:-

There are 365 days a year, each has 24 hours, then it means there are 8760 running hours each year. At a 99% uptime, your website is guaranteed to be up and running for 8672.4 hours; While for consumer you could have 87.6 hours of downtime. Which can be more simplified four full days of downtime. If you are in E-commerce business this 87.6 hours or Four days of downtime means a lot to you. So, One always need to search for web hosting services which offers 99.9% uptime instead of 99% Uptime Guarantee, one luring features among Silliest Web Hosting Features.

Javascript And DHTML File Support

Silliest Web Hosting Features

While searching for Web hosting provider you may have notice that some make claims of providing support for Javascript and DHTML. Many of us alike hosting shopper fooled by this one. This claim is just for luring potential clients who don’t have first-hand knowledge of web development, programming. But in real, there aren’t any special requirements that placed on the web hosting server to support these files – they practically host themselves. Don’t be fooled by such luring offers.


WordPress, Joomla, And Drupal Support

As like before we discussed how Web hosting provider lures customer by saying about the Google Analytics. In the same way they claim that WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal can run on nearly any platform. But truly it has nothing to do with the Web host. All these three are popular pre-built content management systems (CMS) which let users to conveniently organize, build, as well as manage a website. Even you can manage website if you have no idea about intensive HTML or programming languages. The only benefit is one-click installation of these CMS options provided by hosting provider. One-click installation save your time and free you from headaches associated with traditional installation.

Awstats And Webalizer Support

With the advancement of technology, there are now tons of Web analytic software out there. Among them both the Awstats and Webalizer are terribly outdated. They no longer provide meaningful data or insights. It just an option to attract customer attention.

Silliest Web Hosting Features


These are the countless foolish claims Web hosting companies made with an effort to “pump” up their service against the competitors. Don’t be intimidated by tech speak as well as don’t be afraid to ask questions. Some web hosting company provides lengthy, confusing responses, so, you don’t be afraid to ask more.

Some Silliest Web Hosting Features Offered By Web Hosting Provider

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