How To Switch Web Hosting Sites

changehosts2Are you thinking about changing web hosts? If you have never moved your website before then you probably think it’s a complicated and trivial matter. You may too worried about the possibilities of downtime while switch web hosting sites. So, now you don’t need to tensed more as you are reading the right post where you will get step by step tutorial how to switch web hosting sites.

There are many reasons that puts you in such situation where you need to change web hosts. Might you are not satisfied with the level of technical or customer support you are receiving. Maybe you need more storage. However, when someone found better price elsewhere with better performance also with switch web hosting sites. Regardless of reasons behind the need to move from one web hosts to another one there are several factors you need to consider before going the way. In this very ideal world, youswitch-web-hosting don’t need to worry about switching web hosts. One can happily switch web hosting sites with current hosting provider’s facility, low costs, great load times as well as with 100 percent uptime. However, getting all this features is not so easy and frankly say this perfect scenario rarely exists.

There are thousands of web hosting providers on the Web and no wonder try their best to attract customer toward them. So, if you have already a website hosted and in mean time you find a better Web hosting provider with great facility you then you can easily transfer your site to a that provider’s servers that also known as Web host migration. It involves moving your entirely site to different host including DNS records. Know, you might in confusion regarding how to switch Web hosts but believe the process is very simple with little technical skills. In just few steps you’ll be set up with your new host. However some web host can do itself for you even in free of cost. Yes, there are many Web hosting companies that help you go get out of trouble easily. Some hosting provider like and do it for free while some charge like

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If you want to learn Switch Web Host yourself then don’t worry it’s a straight forward process and very simple as well.


Sign Up With New Web Host

There are number of hosting providers with their own configuration and features. So, here you need to choose right one for you based on factors like cost, server configuration, required space and somehow you also consider on its popularity few. So, after deciding Sign up with the new web hosting company you have decided to go with. However, one most important thing you must remember is that don’t cancel the old hosting service until your site has fully migrated and DNS has propagated. In addition you should also put a message on your site informing that you are making a move and thus may encounter some downtime while doing so.

Copy Files To the New Host

web-site-migration-01This is really a lengthy process. In addition it can also be said that it’s the main part of how to switch web hosting sites. So, backup and download your website files such as .png, .gif, .html, .php etc. from from your old web host to your desktop. For this purpose you can use FTP to use this. In addition, if your site uses database you’ll need to obtain database and download them keep on desktop. If you are working on wordpress here you can get detail how to copy and backup files.

Now after, upload your copied websites all its contents, documents, files & databases onto new Web Host. However, static files, such as written content and images, can be simply copied to the new host. After performing so make sure all your internal links on your webpage are now pointing to your new home. Now after at the same time create the email account on your new Web Host. Also update email settings into your email client(Gmail or other you are using).

Test It

After completing above step it’s time to check that you have everything stored on the new host, confirm that site is functioning properly. More to this, go through all your webpages and check whether all content are on appropriate place or not. Finally, check database to ensure that all data migrated successfully without facing lose.

Change DNS Records

Actually, your DNS which stands for Domain Name System tells the Web where to send your visitors. So, Now it’s good time tofree-website-builder switch your website DNS or called name server record to “new” web hosts servers at your domain name registered. This very process can be simplified as post office forward your important mail to your new address.

Keep patience and wait till DNS completely change. It might take a few hours to a day. However, if you want to speed up DNS update you can do so by changing TTL values from 24 hrs(86400 seconds) to 5 minutes(300 seconds).

Cancel the Old Web Hosting Account

When DNS has propagated successfully so, now its time to go live!. But before cancel the Old Web Hosting Account which the most important as other while switch web hosting sites.

Already we have point out earlier what you need to check but once again remembering you the some important factors to watch for:-

  • Change of site structures and missing links
  • Database
  • Emails
  • Downtime


How To Switch Web Hosting Sites

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