Why Are Images Not Displaying On Websites

images not displaying on websitesDoes your images not displaying on websites? No wonder, nowadays there are number of websites running. When we build our webpage definitely we all want our webpage to look nice and while you’re building a Web page, you’ll want to add images. Images makes your website look good and attractive one. Some few days ago, I come through a forum where a users have an issue that images not displaying on his websites. Really, for any users facing this erroneous situation is worrying one but let’s know the reasons for:-

Reference:- http://windows.microsoft.com/en-in/internet-explorer/cant-see-pictures-on-websites

Why are images not displaying on websites

Broken images is the most common problem especially on a beginner’s website. There are several causes of this. Some very commonly seen are:-

  • Images were not uploaded.
  • Images were uploaded incorrectly(very less chances)
  • Images were uploaded but have not been linked to correctly in the HTML.

How to Fix images not displaying on websites

The very first thing after getting the error is to find out the reasons for the problem. Now after you need to fix it.

If images were not uploaded

Sometime it happens that we forget to opening our FTP client or Web access in order to upload pictures. So, all you need toFix images not displaying on websites choose your images that you needs to upload and do this again. Re-uploading your images make you sure that they are on the site.

If images were uploaded incorrectly

This problem is very uncommon now. Actually, If you are using a drag and drop FTP client that is less than 2 years old, then this doesn’t apply to you. Nowadays, FTP clients upload images automatically in the correct “mode”. However, if you are still using a text based FTP client or in case your client doesn’t change the mode automatically, then first and foremost you should make sure that your images are uploaded in “binary” format.

If the images were uploaded but have not been linked to correctly in the HTML.

This is the most common problem when images are not displaying on a Web page.

Reference:- http://webdesign.about.com/od/beginningtutorials/a/images_no_show.htm

Where the Images Are on the Server is Important

It’s not the enough that only you upload the images to Web server, but it also necessary to know where exactly you’re putting them. When we build a Web page on your hard drive, we must create a local version of your Web server files and directories in order to remember where the precious things are kept and also make it easy to upload into the very correct locations. If you upload an image from wrong directory then it’s also the possibilities that images gets disappeared from the websites or webpage.

As I remember, some days ago I come through a websites where an user have an issues that the images that he used in websites are disappearing. He was more frustrated because the images that he has used in webpage was stored in flash card and that very flash card gets corrupted. Really…. No wonder facing this is cumbersome issues for any users. But need not to worry Flash Card Recovery is possible.

Images names are too importantimages not displaying on websites

Most important when you are linking to an image on your hard drive two important factors must be considered as this may could cause problems on your Web server:-

  • Most Web servers are case sensitive: Lets have two images called “House.jpg” is going to be different from an image named “house.jpg”. So, I would recommend you to give all your files lowercase filenames, and also always link to them in the lowercase as well.
  • Many Web servers don’t like spaces in file names:- Sometime we uses name like “my house.jpg” on most computers, and frankly the space can cause problems on Web servers. So, I recommend you to name all your images using only letters (a-z), numbers (0-9), underscore (_) and hyphen (-).

So, you comes to know why are images not displaying on websites and also the solution to fix the issues that images not displaying on websites.

Why Are Images Not Displaying On Websites

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