Why You Should Avoid Free Web Hosting


In today’s economy, it’s can’t be wrong to say that every business needs a website. And just like then every website need a web Host to be hosted somewhere. Web hosting is one the most important parts of owning business website. Previously, already we have discussed how many types of hosting are there, what are there limitation and how beneficial are they? One of them is Free Hosting.

Free, is itself a word that automatically catch your attention, and if it comes like Free Hosting definitely you may get inclined to it. A wide variety of web services offer/promises of free web hosting. However, it’s also true that everything that is free doesn’t offer so benefits. Yes, Free Hosting can have unforeseen issues and you don’t get much more benefit from these free web hosts like WordPress and Tumblr. Each webpage needs a place to be hosted and hosting webpage on your own server means extra caring of machine. This can be expensive and somehow difficult to manage thus why most of people, experienced, businessman, experienced professionals choose web hosting service. Web hosting service varies widely upon cost, features. There are also free hosting. But the question arises whether Free Hosting is reliable and beneficial?

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Is it Really Free?

Making profit is first motive of any business and when it comes to web hosting companies that offer free web host must have figure out how to recover money. Yes, actually Free web hosting is method to increase business. Many web hosting services are there who offer free web host as to encourage you to buy other service or domains. While many offer for a limited time and then after you need to pay money. So, If you are a serious blogger and if using these given free platforms, then beware that you may regret using free host services.

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Here are given some few of many reasons that indicates you why you should avoid using free web hosting services:


Reliability:- Free web hosts are not reliable. Since they are often small operations that offer services for free, so it very difficult to guarantee continued service. They may shut down anytime and all the efforts you have put just goes in vain and all after that you just regret. You may need to start from the scratch. Undoubtedly, losing sites visitors and customers are nightmare and the more challenging is to regain their attention toward your website. One great examples of closing down of free web host is ‘Yahoo GeoCities’. So, be careful and never rely on Free web host as they are not stable.

Downtime:- Downtime of his/her website really is embrassing. Web Host service provider usually paid attention to those customers who have paid version or Premium. Yes, if there would be any or any other technical issues or server problems, they would be given first priority not one who’s using free hosting service. You may suffer from sluggish/slow performance of your siteServerDowntime-800x400 and it’s also true that no one would wait for your website to be load if it’s taking long time. So, choosing free hosting also result in lose of your visitors count.

No Customer Support:– In case, if you get page error, database wreck, page loading issues, site gets crash or even security issues alike malware attack or hacking you immediately need customer support. But free web hosting provider doesn’t offer 24×7 customer support. In addition, you will get very low customer support and also there is min chance of any live chat support. However, you will be facilitated email support but you will have to wait long for reply of your query. So, really for good website bad customer support is worrying.

Lack of security:– Nowadays, biggest threats to website is the hackers and malware. Even premium accounts gets infected so you can imagine the level of risk and threats on the free web hosts.

seo.featuredNothing comes free:– This very phrases really suits to Web Host companies. Yes, the companies which is offering free web hosting recover there money by placing advertisements at your hosting space. On your website contents is yours, you put all yours efforts, pull visitors while web hosting companies earn money by placing ads and banners in order to make money. So, you now know that ‘Nothing comes free’.

Limited space and bandwidth:– In free web hosting you will be provided limited space and bandwidth. So, if your website traffic increase you may have to encounter slow page load issues, which definitely result in visitors decrement. In such case you have only one option to move with paid hosting. So, why late just beware of free web host and choose paid one, that’s better and most effective.

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Now wonder, If your organization is strapped for cash, then surely “free” hosting services seem like as an incredible deal but costs can be much higher than ever you think. You might miss out sources of revenue, you yourself hurting your own productivity, you may face site outages, and even losing business. So, it would be better you opt for paid one.

Why You Should Avoid Free Web Hosting

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